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We have just embarked on our own personal build, which is quite exciting. On February 21st, 2011, we had just laid new carpet into our recently renovated house located in Christchurch. The following day was our day to get the house dressed so it was ready to have photos taken to show off our newly renovated house with the plan that it would be on the market by that weekend. February 22nd changed all of that, and our house was deemed a rebuild. After lots of waiting, which also included us shifting out to Leeston over this time, our Christchurch house was rebuilt. Now enjoying our lifestyle in Leeston, and wanting to stay, we decided to sell our house in Christchurch. We have been waiting for the opportunity to build...which is now here and very exciting!

Something that we both love the look of is timber. And we love exposed trusses. Ben enjoys being creative and has spent much of his spare time doing different forms of joinery work. He has spent many years looking, reading and watching how timber trusses are constructed. We wanted to make them a feature in our new home, and so along with our designer M C Fearnley Design, we came up with a plan to incorporate exposed trusses into our new home. Ben didn't want to have to use steel brackets, instead wanting the trusses to be held together with oak pegs. The engineer wasn't so keen on this idea, and so using the oak pegs, we had some testing done at the University of Canterbury to see how strong these structures/trusses would be. The test joints passed with flying colours. It was amazing to see how strong they were under an immense amount of pressure. With the results from our tests, we finalised a truss design that the engineer was happy to sign off. After the plans were at a stage where we were happy to proceed, we ordered the macrocarpa timber, as this needed to be milled, sent to our place, and then stacked to start the drying process.

Over this waiting time, Ben cut out the template for the trusses. Once we hit June, it was time for the timber to start being worked on. How exciting! The plans also gained consent and we organised the excavation of the floor slab to begin. It was quite a surreal feeling to start, as it has been in the pipeline for such a long time!

Below are some images with explanations of the whole build process. If you wish to build something like this, or are interested in building a house, then please Contact Us and we will get back in touch. You can also like our Facebook page for up-to-date progress on our builds/work that we do.

Photo Gallery

Once all the Macrocarpa trusses were completed, it was time to put them in the house. Bev Bell from Simply Inspired Photography took some photos and videos and made this slideshow, to show the trusses going into the house. Enjoy!