In June this year, we had the privilege of moving into our brand new home, built by Fearnley Construction. In our opinion, this was certainly one of those "meant to be" situations. From our very first enquiry, we were given clear, easy to understand, and impeccably honest information. Everything we needed to know upfront was communicated, and there was a reassuring transparency in all correspondence. The price of the build was incredible value by comparison to other builders, especially given the quality of materials and workmanship - far exceeding our expectations. We have built twice before, and know from personal experience that although quality workmanship is very important, if you have that without efficient communication, availability to talk things through, and a significant amount of trust - the whole process can be incredibly stressful. Well the Fearnley's delivered on all those things, and more. There's just so much thought, and detail that goes into building a house, and Ben and Bec made this so much more manageable, and alleviated so much stress with their sound advice, incredibly efficient correspondence (even corresponding with us when we were in the USA but needed to finalise house details!), and pro-active, but not pushy action when it most mattered - oh, and their sense of humour! Fearnley Construction achieve such a great balance between being professional, whilst at the same time very relational. Inevitably with a house build there are issues that arise, and the relatively few times this occurred, Ben and Bec were swift to bring resolution, and did all they could to rectify any situation with diligence and a great attitude. A lifesaver for us, was how Bec meticulously prepared the design choices document - which at several points during the build was SO helpful when a sub-contractor occasionally misunderstood, or forgot something we had previously discussed. All we had to do was refer to the document, and the matter was settled - a benefit to both parties! We loved making site visits and seeing Ben, Jordie and the sub-contractors working hard on the project - and they were always so welcoming and friendly which was so neat. A few weeks ago, I overheard 2 people talking about their current house builds - one was so upset because the builder finished 4 months later than promised, and the other was so stressed because they were seeing virtually no progress on their new home. This was far from our experience with Fearnley Construction! Ben's project management was so fine-tuned that there was hardly any time we went past the site when something wasn't being worked on (daylight hours of course!). Furthermore, the icing on the cake was that our home was completed, not on time - but early!!!! How often do you hear that????? We wholeheartedly recommend Fearnley Construction and are 100% certain that anyone who builds with them will be more than happy with the results. Thanks Ben, Bec, Jordie and the team for making our dream a reality - we couldn't be happier!
- K & B Baines, June 2016.

We love our home! We couldn’t be happier with Fearnley Construction.

I originally found Fearnley Construction when I was scrolling Facebook one evening. I checked out their Facebook page, then their website and then enquired about a house & land package they had available.

I knew we had found our perfect builder when they didn’t brush off my first email. Being a bit younger, we had come across many people treating us as ‘tyre kickers’ and it was really demotivating. The first email I had with Bec was so warm, friendly and informative. We already loved the house layout and the location of the section so having someone who was willing to take the time to talk to us was all we needed to convince us.

We made a time to sit down with Ben & Bec to go over all of the finer details (paint & carpet colours, door handle styles etc.) and to talk about the added extras we were hoping for (house alarm, fence and a few minor changes) and they had the most amazing "anything is possible" attitude.

We paid our deposit and we excitedly watched the build process! Throughout the whole build process, we were kept up to date with what was happening and what was coming up. If anything popped up and needing checking, Bec or Ben would call us straight away to clarify. We felt really included and that our thoughts were valued and taken in to consideration at all times. Fearnley thought of everything from the way a sliding door should open, letterbox number, cupboard in the garage and right down to having door stops included. They are truly experienced in what they do and put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring their designs are practical and modern.

This is our first house and I am so pleased we built with Fearnley Construction. The communication was the best I have ever experienced, the pride that Ben takes in his work is inspirational and we really just couldn’t be happier with our warm and functional home.
- H Belton & H Gibbons, May 2016.

I am writing this in regard to Fearnley Construction and to advise of their very professional, yet honest and informative way in which they conduct their business. We found our building process very easy and we quite often commented on how it wasn’t at all stressful as sometimes can be the case. This was due to the fact that this company provides very well thought out plans, they have a ‘nothing is a problem attitude’ and most of all they are very honest and trustworthy people. If we were to build again these are the people we would have to do the job as the workmanship is first class, I wish Ben and Rebecca the very best with their business in the future.
- S Jones & A Duckett, June 2015.
My wife and I felt completely ignorant and certainly very far from competent when we began, tentatively, our journey to build a new house for ourselves. We nearly signed up with a large building company. Fortunately word of mouth steered us in the direction of Ben and Bec Fearnley. What seemed almost impossible became possible and what seemed scary now became quite exciting. We now have a four bedroom warm house. We have light filled rooms and we feel very comfortable.

Ben and Bec took our hands and guided us with our best interests in mind. We learned to take their advice. We were gently shown when we had to make decisions for ourselves. They helped right through from getting plans sorted and submitted to the council through to the final inspection. We had every confidence in what Bec organised and Ben built.

The site preparation and foundation construction began in September. We moved into our new house at the end of January. Allowing for the fact that Christmas is in that timeframe you would have to be impressed by the progress that Ben and his subcontractors made. The workmanship was always good. We were able to see every step on the way and give feedback - which was practically always - "that's great".

I unreservedly recommend Fearnley Construction if you are looking for a house builder. If I were building another house - I'd give Ben and Bec a call. They are good.
- M & R Morley-Bunker, May 2015
Ben is great. He was quite quick to respond, quick to come and have a look at the job and was quite open about his quoted price and willing to discuss options with me. Of the tradesman that came over, I had the most confidence in Ben. All interactions have been prompt and professional. Looking forward to using Ben again in the future for other home improvement work. I am always dubious of top star ratings, however I honestly cannot review Ben less than outstanding. All the best Ben!
- J. Scott
I requested Ben Fearnley of Rebuild Canterbury Limited (now Fearnley Construction) to do a remodelling of a kitchen in a rental property. His quote was the most reasonable and he was prepared to be the most flexible with my requests. He started and completed the project when he said he would and all the workmanship was of the highest quality. I would have no problems with recommending him for any home alteration jobs, and will use his services again when I need them.
- J. Shalders
Ben is an excellent builder who we would happily recommend. He worked fast and efficiently and turned up when he said he would. We are very happy with the level of workmanship shown on the job and love the changes! We will definitely request his services for future renovations.
- T. Festing
We hired Ben to remove our old stairs and rebuild a new staircase in our home. We found Ben very professional throughout the job, always keeping us informed of what was happening and when. Even the occurrence of multiple earthquakes and then SNOW did not deter Ben...adding the shovelling of driveways to his tasks! His knowledge of the building field was very evident, and being able to sort any sub-contractors needed was an added bonus. We are incredibly happy with the finished work, the stairs and new room add comfort, safety and value to our home. We would recommend Rebuild Canterbury (now Fearnley Construction) to others quite confidently, and look forward to working with Ben and Rebecca on further projects in the future. Thanks guys!!!
- J. Bruce & J. Coleman
Thanks for all your work. I know it was a trying renovation, but it’s going to make life so much better. And thanks also to Bec for the many many emails – if more tradesmen were as good as you guys at keeping the lines of communication open, life in the great province of Perpetual Rebuild (as Canterbury seems to have become) would be vastly less stressful. You were on time; you did what you said you would; did it well; and at no time did I feel left out of the process. Whether true or not, I felt like making us happy was your top priority throughout. Thank you.
- S & J Collie, 2013
We purchased a new home off Ben & Becs of Fearnley Construction Ltd. Right from when we first approached them, nothing has been a problem. Coming from a trade background the main point for me is the quality and neatness of the build. Top fittings were used throughout and everything was well thought out and finished to a premium standard. We have had great feedback from family and friends commenting on the style and quality of our new family home. We would not hesitate to not only recommend, but also use again, not that I can see us moving from our dream home. It is great to find a company that not only offers a premium product but also are amazing to deal with.
- M. Walker, 2013