Volunteer Work

Rabi Island, Fiji, 2011

In June and July of 2011, Ben flew to Fiji with a variety of other people to do volunteer work as part of a missions program. After meeting a few delays trying to get the materials sorted, they managed to bus and then boat across to a small island off the coast of Fiji called Rabi (pronounced Rambi) Island. Here they stayed and worked alongside the local people to help build a house for a couple that had had their home destroyed in a cyclone. Their aim was to complete as much of the house as possible. There were other people that joined the team at a later date and stayed longer to complete more of the project.

Ben supervised the job, organising the quantities of materials required, delegating jobs, as well as pitching in and building himself. It was a challenging time working in a new environment, but they achieved a lot in the time they had. While the house didnít get completed, huge progress was made and we are sure it will be a blessing for the couple.

Here are some photos of the progress of the job on Rabi Island.